everyday solutions for expats in Prague

Make the most of your life in Prague by letting us take the hassle and frustration out of dealing with common issues!

Whether you are new to Prague or have been living here for years, you know how difficult it can be to deal with bureaucracy or find solutions to seemingly simple (yet important!) problems.

We are here to make your life easier and free up more of your precious time.


What can Expat Guru do for you? We are your personal local concierge!

We are here to make your life in Prague easy and enjoyable by helping you get things done or quickly pointing you in the right direction. Using our service will save you hours (or days) of searching or running around in circles. We speak the language and have dealt with the same issues you are facing countless times.

Let us put our experience to work for you – saving you time and hassle!

Get started!

Assisting you with changing your accommodation and arranging for domestic services (cleaning, dog walking, etc.).
Helping with the basic application process and referring you to the best professionals for comprehensive visa and immigration assistance.
Helping you communicate with various local offices (úřady) and accompanying you on appointments.
Kids’ activities
Finding the perfect activities and entertainment options for kids of all ages.
Helping you find the right doctor / vet or dentist and assisting you with making appointments.
Recommending the best shopping options according to what you need and walking you through the variety of home delivery services.
Event planning
Supporting you with organizing any kind of event in Prague, from birthdays to weddings and anniversaries.
Everyday support
Helping you with everyday tasks and errands for your business or personal needs.


Some people that offer expat services are really just people that speak two languages, but Klara is a businesswoman, skilled and versed in the Czech system. I have come to Klara many times over the years for assistance with various aspects of expat life in Prague. She has never once let me down. She is a consummate professional, effective and reliable.

John Campbell, Film director/ Producer

As a soon-to-be-mother in Prague, and expat, I realized there is a whole new world of things I needed crucial help with, even after 7 years in town! Klara has been a wonderful help, helping me find the right doctor for my baby, giving me advice with the medical system and the way things work for expectant mothers but also about my professional rights as a EU citizen in Czech Republic, and possible preparation to birth courses and activities... AND she speaks French which made it at times even easier! I really highly recommend her!

Clementine Amiraux, Creative Director


Helping you with everyday tasks and errands for your business or personal needs.

You can choose the ideal rate depending on how much support you will need.

Quick start
Up to 5 hours of concierge  assistance.
3.000 CZK
Family pack
Up to 20 hours of concierge assistance.
10.000 CZK
Unlimited access
Unlimited concierge assistance for one month.
30.000 CZK


My name is Klara. I’m here to help you feel at home in Prague.

I have been sharing my life with my expat husband, who moved to Prague more than 10 years ago, and I have witnessed firsthand the variety of needs, concerns, frustrations and common issues that many expats experience. Most of all I understand what expats need to live a comfortable, happy life in Prague – and how much everyone would benefit from having a personal concierge supporting them in getting adjusted to a new environment.

Klara Ticha Dowse

Klara Ticha Dowse